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"I'll obey anything, Jay, just make love to me. Please, I need you inside me so bad."

His handsome face remained expressionless, his beautiful eyes implacable. "You may open your legs wider," he informed her, as though it were some great honor and not a fresh humiliation.

Sefy gaped her thighs as much as the rope allowed. "I'm so ready for you, lover."

Jay placed one knee upon the bed, coming close enough to touch.

"There," he singed the inside of her left thigh with a pressed index finger. "That is where the first picture shall go. It will be the bird of paradise, petals opened in submission. It shall remain hidden at all times, save when you are submitting yourself to me."

"Oh, yes, Jay," she arched her back, seeking to turn toward him with her dripping s.e.x and tightly pointed nipples. "I will wear your marks proudly and happily."

His c.o.c.k brushed her hip. Pulsing and hard, iron wrapped in hot skin, the tip ready to spear her, to spill its hot juices from the tiny hole in the end. She craned her neck to meet it. "Jay, let me suck you."

"Another will go here," he ignored her.

She shattered at his touch, soft but commanding upon her breast as he traced the outline of the second design.

"A bird in flight," he declared. "To indicate the beauty of your soul."

Jay wrenched a breath filled moan from her as he paused to tease the nipple, bright and coral pink.

"F-f.u.c.k me," she thrashed her head.

"You're not paying attention." A quick pinch of the sensitive nub was enough to get it back.

Wide-eyed, in awe, she regarded him. "Forgive me, Jay."

"And your belly," he continued, showing no mercy. "We shall place there a tiny emblem of fertility. The symbols shall serve to open your womb to me."

"It is open, Jay. All of me is open."

"I shall teach them," he rubbed the tight drum, indicating the home of his still to be conceived babies. "To be strong and just."

"They'll have the best father, Jay."

"And the best mother."

Sefy threw back her head as he snaked a single finger inside her unprotected s.e.x.

"Look at me," he ordered for the second time.

She did and saw her future in his eyes. The devotion she was to receive-the kinky pleasures and delightful tortures making her blush.

"By dawn, you will be changed. If we were to be separated after this night, I would still be burnt forever in your heart and you in mine."

"I wear your brand, Jay Rivington. On my soul."

The words seemed to spur him into the action she so desperately needed.

"You are a most distracting wench," he accused, climbing between her spread legs. "There was supposed to be another ten minutes of ceremony."

"This," she pushed her p.uss.y up against him as he slid his body along hers to meet her eye to eye, "is all the ceremony you need."

She was shamelessly working him, trying to draw him in on her own terms. As usual he was having none of it. For the moment, at least, her p.uss.y was not going to be filled.

"Beg," he instructed, his skin like a fire over hers, his gently pressing muscles making a mockery of her feminine resistance.

"I-oh, Jay, please, just untie me."

His face lit with a wicked smile-a snake dancing across perfect lips-and his eyes lighting with a mischievousness that threatened to turn her insides entirely to liquid.

"No," he thwarted her will with a simple whisper.

And then he took her breast, the nipple between pearl white teeth. His little blonde captive, the object of his eternal devotion reduced to helpless moans, wanton and blatant. Her s.e.x ached and cried out as he tugged other bonds, invisible ones connecting them to the captive nipple.

"Beg," he repeated, though this time his hands were reaching down to undo the ropes. How masterful and skillful he was, not even needing to break eye contact as he accomplished his task. Her limbs feel free, more those of a rag doll than a living female.

And yet she was all about life. Life drawn from the intensity of his presence, poised above her, imperious, but incredibly gentle, waiting upon her words.

Eyes moistening, her body aglow in lust and love she dared to put her arms around his shoulders. They barely reached. The mere touch of his skin, dark and powerful reminded her of what he was. To her. To the world.

"My lord," she whispered, her limbs held by bonds stronger than rope or steel. "Take me."

And Jairan did, slipping between her nether lips, his long, proud c.o.c.k, hard as iron, claiming its natural home, its inevitable conquest. With her sighs, Sefy welcomed him. Inside of her. And over her.

His modern wife, who would fight and vex him to no end in every arena. Except for this one.

"You are the beating of my heart," he said, belly to belly.

"No," she dared deny. "Here and now, I am your slave girl. Only your slave girl."

Something new lit in the man's eyes and she knew she had fulfilled his deepest dreams. This alone was enough to push her over the edge.

With a great roar then, that of man and prince and lord, he ravished her, mouth and hands upon her body, the body that he owned, carrying them both to heights no other would ever know.

And to think it was only the beginning.

About the author:.

Reese Gabriel is a born romantic with a taste for the edgier side of love. Having traveled the world and sampled many of the finer things, Reese now enjoys the greater simplicities; barefoot walks by the ocean, kisses under moonlight and whispers of passion in the darkness with that one special person.

Preferring to remain behind the scenes, cherished by a precious few, Reese hopes to awaken in the lives of many the possibilities of true love through stories of far off places and enchanted lives.

For the sake of love and hope and imagination, these stories are told. May they be enjoyed as much in the reading of them as in the writing.

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