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In this confusing world, no matter how broken or damaged...

No matter what monsters hid inside our minds...

We loved each other.

And that was enough.


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A USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora Flite loves to write dark and filthy romance (especially the dramatic, gritty kind!) Her favorite bad boys are the ones with tattoos, the intense alpha types that make you sweat and beg for more!

Inspired by the complicated events and wild experiences of her own life, she wants to share those stories with her audience.

Born in the tiniest state, coming from what was essentially dirt, she's learned to embrace and appreciate every opportunity the world gives her.

She's also, possibly, addicted to coffee and sushi.

Not at the same time, of course.

Check out her website,

Also email her at if you want to say h.e.l.lo! Hearing from fans is the best!

-Nora Flite.

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