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VS Divine Beast (3)


Its height is about 2 metres. It’s not the form like that of a wolf it was until just now, it’s a Divine Beast that stands on two legs like us. Although its appearance is that of a human, the power that overflows from within is in a different league.

“uu! Don’t s.p.a.ce out, Master!”

The Divine Beast that instantly appeared before my eyes simultaneously with Liscia’s voice. Although the spears that I’ve made to be semi-automatic stack up and block the electric shock-clad claws that were being brandished, they were penetrated extremely easily.


I spin my scythe to repel the approaching claws, but my body once again numbs and my movement dulls. At that opening, the Divine Beast roundhouse kicked me with its left leg. I clad my right arm with spheres, created a gauntlet and blocked, but there were unpleasant cracking sounds and I felt an instantaneous pain.

I was blown away when the Divine Beast swings through with its left leg regardless of it. I heal my broken arm even as I’m bouncing several times off the ground. I simultaneously created short swords and released them at the Divine Beast.

Without trying to avoid the approaching short swords, the Divine Beast clads its hand in lightning and repels the short swords. From its back


Liscia swings the crushing sword down towards the Divine Beast. The Divine Beast brought its hands above its head and crossed it without turning around and blocked Liscia’s sword.

Although the impact escapes to the ground and splits it, not only did the Divine Beast’s stance not crumble, it repels Liscia’s sword and sends her flying with a punch while spinning. Liscia used her sword as a shield and blocked, but she also bounced several times off the ground like me.

The Divine Beast heads straight towards me without paying any attention to Liscia whom it blew away. Even though it’s indiscriminate when it’s large, it started targetting me after it turned into this current form huh, this fellow.

I receive the Divine Beast that cuts at me with its sharp claws with the scythe. My body numbs and my movement dulls whenever I’m struck, but, it’s still a speed that I’m able to react to.

I avert the Divine Beast’s attacks while backing down. I swing the b.u.t.t of the scythe upwards to repel the right claw, that thrusts at me, spin, and swing the blade sideways to cut at it.

The Divine Beast lightly jumped and avoided the blade of the scythe, and carried on to throw kicks at me in the air. I receive it with the hilt of the scythe right away, but I was rapidly forced backwards. The Divine Beast that follows up on its attacks on me even further.

It’s at a speed that it reacts instantly even when I release short swords at it. Kuu, isn’t it quicker than when it’s large?

However, this doesn’t seem to be the time to be begrudging. As I block the Divine Beast’s attacks, I take distance from the Divine Beast.

And then I erase the scythe and sword swords that I’d materialized around myself and gather magic power. Naturally, the Divine Beast, that wouldn’t have let it slide, approaches me but


Liscia cuts at the Divine Beast for me from the side. Alright, it’ll take a little bit of time to do this after all. Thanks.

I gather all of the magic power that I have on the palm of both hands in the meantime. Although it’s still incomplete, it’s a weapon I came up with just for the sake of killing the Goddess.

“God Devouring Demon SwordDáinsleif”

A jet black sword that’s held in both hands. Its appearance is simply a black sword, but I carry on to cut my arm with that sword. The blood that overflows from my arm flows towards the Demon Sword. Thereupon, the Demon Sword drinks my blood.

The Demon Sword that drank my blood, it no longer the jet black sword it was until just now, it has red lines on it here and there now. It’s as though they’re like blood vessels. At this point, the Demon Sword I created only increases in sharpness and toughness from letting it absorb blood, but I guess it’ll do fine to defeat this fellow.

It’s a sword I specialized in just cutting, but the things it can cut is not only anything.

I ready the sword and head towards the Divine Beast that’s exchanging blows with Liscia. Although the Divine Beast, that noticed me approaching, releases lightning over at me, I swing the sword before it touches the sword and cut it with just the slash. With this, I won’t be numb.

I furthermore release multi-slashes. Although Divine Beast moves away from Liscia and dodges the slashes, I carry on to draw closer to it. It lunges its claw out towards the approaching me, but I cut upwards from below with the Demon Sword and cut the claw, and furthermore swing downwards.

Although the sensation like a knife through b.u.t.ter transmits through my hand, I stab towards the Divine Beast. Although the Divine Beast backs down in order to take a distance from me, I can naturally send my stab flying as well!


The Divine Beast that hasn’t the front of its right arm, and has a cavity on its stomach from my stab. It glares at me even while stumbling a few steps forward, but I continue with my attacks even further.

The Divine Beast that’s getting wounded little by little by the slashes I release. Perhaps it couldn’t endure any more than this, it howls high up into the sky and the Divinity Tree started shining. I instinctively made a smile when I saw this sight.

I face that light and cut it up with my Demon Sword. I absorb the magic power that mixes in with light at the same time as well. Although I detest absorbing the Goddess’ power, I’ve got to use whatever that can be used.

“With this, it’s the end. Final Attack”

I swing the Demon Sword down towards the Divine Beast that’s looking dumbfoundedly at the light that disappears. The Divine Beast gathers its magic power, extends its horn like the time it attained the Divinity Tree’s power and swings upwards at me, but I’m the one who has absorbed that light’s power this time around. It’s plain as day who’s going to win.

My Demon Sword easily lopped off the Divine Beast’s horn and carried on to cut it diagonally. The Divine Beast’s upper body that slides and falls. Fuu, I somehow managed to defeat it huh.

Exhaustion assails my body all at once when I erase the Demon Sword……it’s because, I’m still not used to it huh. Although I’d very much like to just go to sleep like this, I still have one last task remaining.

I pour magic power into the Divine Beast’s corpse. Behind me, Liscia and the Queen and the others who dismounted from the Wyvern were watching, but I carry on to pour it in without paying any attention to it.

Although the Divine Beast’s form returned to the wolf’s form it was before, the scar from my cut had remained so I heal it. I pour an amount of magic power that surpasses that shitty Goddess’ power all at once and make the ownership mine. Thereupon, the fur that was silver changes into jet black.

And then, I activate Dark Sorcery’s Dead Spirit Arts. I forcibly bind the Divine Beast’s soul and insert it into the corpse. With this, this fellow became my subordinate. The Divine Beast that’s resurrected as a dead spirit stares at me.

“Starving Wolf Of ErosionFenrir・Lotus. That’s your name”


Lotus that gives a howl towards the sky. It looks like it’ll be useful hereafter as well.

……Oh d.a.m.n, I got tired after the work’s done. My magic power as well, I’ve used more than I’ve ever used before after all……I can just sleep like this, right. I lay down on that spot as it is and fell asleep.