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Alpha that doesn't want to be an Alpha [7]

Qin Buyue found that Chen Liguo was able to surprise him at every turn.

When Qin Buyue opened his eyes in the morning, he saw Lu Yunqi's sleeping face. He didn't have his usual silence and forbearance and Lu Yunq seemed particularly relaxed in his sleep. Qin Buyue reached out and touched Lu Yunqi’s slightly red and swollen lips. He couldn't resist and kissed him.

To Qin Buyue’s surprise, Lu Yunqi was not disgusted with his kiss, but instead groaned quietly and responded unconsciously.

Qin Buyue was a little happy. He had never thought before that he would be so moved by a person. In the past six months, Qin Buyue thought that time would dilute everything, but to his surprise, his yearning for Chen Liguo did not fade, but grew stronger and stronger, to the point that he could not control himself.

This made Qin Buyue, who had started off with a teasing attitude, somewhat helpless. Just when was it that he started to like this toy? When did he start feeling that sweet happiness when he dreamed about Lu Yunqi?

Chen Liguo woke up later than Qian Buyue. When he roused, Qin Buyue had already gotten up.

“Good morning.” Qin Buyue, who only wore a pair of trousers, had finished washing. When he saw that Chen Liguo had woken up, he greeted him in high spirits.

Chen Liguo responded vaguely and got up from bed.

Qin Buyue watched with satisfaction as Chen Liguo slowly put on his clothes before of him. After being tossed around by him about for a whole day yesterday, ambiguous marks were littered all over Chen Liguo's body. Any random person who looked would be able to find out about this d.a.m.ned couple's adulterous affair.

Chen Liguo washed his face and brushed his teeth. When he arrived at the kitchen, he found that breakfast was already made, even more, it was Qin Buyue who made it.

Qin Buyue was sitting there slowly eating a piece of bread. It has to be said that Qin Buyue is really beautiful when he is not acting crazy, almost like an oil painting. He had always been really beautiful, but now with that gentle smile in his eyes, Chen Liguo had an illusion that this person was a wife whom he had married in from elsewhere.

The wife said, "Eat, I made it."

Chen Liguo sat down and began to eat eat eat.

The wife said, “How have you been in the past six months?”

Chen Liguo thought about it and said, "It was alright.”

The wife heard this and said with a smile, "Didn't miss Ruan Feifei?"

Chen Liguo didn't talk, thinking in his heart 'but I missed you more'.

The wife said again, "Then did you miss me?"

Chen Liguo raised his eyes and looked Qin Buyue who was all smiles. For a long while, he still didn’t talk. He might have to leave the world soon. To say things that would cause the world to collapse at this moment would be foolish.

In the face of with Chen Liguo’s expected silence, Qin Buyue's smiling expression became somewhat weaker and he said, "This time I've come to find you to have you fulfill your promise.”

Chen Liguo said, “Okay.”

Qin Buyue had wondered how he would make Chen Liguo submit if he repudiated him. But he didn't expect that Chen Liguo should have responded so dully, did he not understand just what it was that he promised?!

Qin Buyue sulked in his heart and no longer ate.

Chen Liguo seemed unaware of Qin Buyue’s depression. He ate most of the breakfast on his table and drank a glass of milk before he said, “Give me some time, I need to go resign.”

Ge had been reinstated to his position during the six months that Qin Buyue disappeared. Now that Qin Buyue has returned, it seems inappropriate for him to continue to be a Major General.

Qin Buyue agreed coldly.

If Chen Liguo could not detect Qin Buyue’s unhappiness at this time then he really was stupid. But he thought for a long time but could not figure out just why Qin Buyue was unhappy, so he could only lament that that a man's heart is like a needle at the bottom of the ocean.

After he finished eating, Chen Liguo hesitated for a moment before saying, "Could you give me a way to contact Ruan Feifei……?"

Qin Buyue's expression was as cold as ice,: “What do you want her contact information for?”

Chen Liguo said, "I'm worried about her."

'Bang' Qin Buyue struck the table heavily, cracks appearing on the solid wooden table because of the action. He said, "Lu Yunqi, instead of worrying about her, you should worry about yourself first. "

Chen Liguo stared at the table: “…….” If he remembered correctly, this table should be very expensive……His heart hurts……

Qin Buyue said, “What? Heartbroken?” The two men reached a bizarre consensus.

Chen Liguo: "……" That's right, it really hurts[1].

Qin Buyue saw a rare suffering from Chen Liguo's expression. His heart became stuffy and his tone lost its usual elegance as he said, "In this world, someone called Ruan Feifei already no longer exists and in your life, you will never be able to find her."

Chen Liguo: "……" Oof, what should he do about the remaining completion?

Qin Buyue saw that Chen Liguo didn't have the slightest reaction to his words which made him angry. So angry that he didn't say another word and directly threw open the door, leaving.

After Qin Buyue left, Chen Liguo's fingers trembled as he touched the table made of special wood, his tears almost falling out again, "Tongtong, he broke my table."

System: "……"

Tears brimmed in Chen Liguo's eyes, "After breaking he even ran away."

System: "……"

Chen Liguo: "This table costed three months of my salary." He said this the repeated it heavily, "Three months!"

The system said coldly, "What about your savings?"

It was better to have not mentioned this, the moment it was mentioned Chen Liguo was even more sorrowful. He lay on the table and cried sadly, "When I d.a.m.ned wanted to use it several months before I realized, I don't know the password——wu wu wu wu."

System: "……"

The more Chen Liguo thought about it, the sadder he felt. His shoulders shook as he wept for his broken table.

Qin Buyue who had thrown open the door and left realized that he hadn't taken his communicator. When he went back to get it he saw the scene of Chen Liguo laying on the table crying.

That man who had not even shed a single tear when tortured was lying on the table, shoulders shaking as he cried secretly.

Qin Buyue was stunned. His heart was filled with a series of emotions such as heartache, pity, regret, and so on. Qin Buyue called out quietly, “Yunqi.”

Chen Liguo’s body became rigid in an instant.

Qin Buyue walked up to him and didn't force him to raise his head. He put his arm around Chen Liguo and said, “It’s all right. It’s all right.”

Chen Liguo who had been acting for the system and didn't have a single tear in his eye: "……."

Qin Buyue felt his tight body and knew that Chen Liguo didn’t want others to see his fragile state. He kissed Chen Liguo on the ear and murmured, “It’s all right. I won’t do anything to you.”

Chen Liguo: “…….” No!!!!

Qin Buyue sighed, “If you want, I’ll give Ruan Feifei’s contact information to you.”

Chen Liguo: "……" Well, this is pretty good……

Qin Buyue said, "Don't feel bad, be good."

Being comforted like this by Qin Buyue, Chen Liguo felt that it was worth having his table broken……

Qin Buyue saw that Chen Liguo wasn't moving, and did not make things difficult for him. He just held him in his arms and comforted him, exhausting all the good words he knew.

Chen Liguo used all his effort and managed to make the rims of his eyes red with great difficulty. He said hoa.r.s.ely, "I'm fine, you leave."

Qin Buyue sighed, “Okay, I'll leave. What would you like to for lunch? I'll make something for you to each, is that alright?”

Chen Liguo raised his head but refused to speak.

Qin Buyue looked at Chen Liguo's red-rimmed eyes and his heart became even more tender. He only said, "Whatever you want just tell me alright?"

Chen Liguo raised his eyes and eyed the table broken by Qin Buyue.

Qin Buyue followed Chen Liguo's line of sight and immediately said when he saw the table, "Okay, it was my mistake, I'll replace your table."

Chen Liguo: "……" Whoo, the plan worked.

Qin Buyue looked at his lover who was pretending to be strong, his heart that had been as hard as stone had since long been turned into a pool of spring water. He kissed Chen Liguo again, not stopping until a red blush appeared on Chen Liguo's ears.

Following this, Qin Buyue energetically bought groceries and even took the initiative to make lunch.

Chen Liguo stayed in the living room watching TV, but with Qin Buyue here he didn't have the nerve to watch soap operas so he could only find a broadcasting station to watch the news and chat with the system while he was at it.

Chen Liguo: "This trick of mine, I learned it from that little sister of mine. Every time she did something wrong, she did this, even if I wanted to blame her I couldn't bring down the hand."

System: "……" Alright, you're very strong.

Chen Liguo continued on, "Alas, I miss her a bit."

Just as the system felt some pity, it heard Chen Liguo continue to say, "And I haven't yet finished watching GV……"

System: "….."

Chen Liguo continue to grieve, "Nowadays its hard to find such resources!"

System: "….."

Chen Liguo: "Tongtong, why aren't you talking anymore?"

The system hatefully wanted to say, 'next time I'll ask you whether you finished watching GV before crossing!'

As the two talked over here, on the other side, Qin Buyue had finished cooking lunch and called for Chen Liguo to eat.

Chen Liguo looked at the table full of wonderful smelling and looking dishes and once again boosted in his heart that his wife truly was virtuous.

Qin Buyue said, "Let's eat."

Chen Liguo was not polite either and ate once he sat down.

As the two ate, Qin Buyue began to talk about what had happened over the past six months. It turned out that not long after he promised to change Ruan Feifei's gender, there was an unexpected incident and he had to immediately return to the interstellar pirate territory and had no time to say goodbye.

A series of battles followed after that. Although Qin Buyue underplayed it, Chen Liguo could hear the danger of the events.

Qin Buyue said, "Ruan Feifei is currently working in the institution of Science and Technology."

Chen Liguo heard this and was slightly surprised. The Institute of Science and Technology was the top science institute in the Universal Alliance. It dabbled in various fields, but the research institute only accepted Alphas and did not accept any other gender.

Qin Buyue said, "She's now called Lu Yuanyuan."

Chen Liguo: "……" His family's Feifei really is cute!

Qin Buyue said, "What, knowing that she shares the same last name as you, you’re very happy?"

Chen Liguo glanced at Qin Buyue without being salty nor light and didn't say a single world.

Qin Buyue sometimes felt that he was much too temperamental, but Chen Liguo's actions really affected his mood. Like now, he had just felt that this person before him was very lovely, but now the flame of jealousy in his heart was kindled and he felt angry when he saw the person before him

Chen Liguo was still eating peacefully when was baffled to see that Qin Buyue was angry again.

Chen Liguo had a stupid expression.

Qin Buyue said coldly, "Don't forget our agreement, remember to resign early."

Chen Liguo lowered his head and said lightly, "Okay."

Qin Buyue almost broke the bowl in his hand again. He was indignant at the reason why Chen Liguo didn't resist, was it really worth doing so much for Ruan Feifei?

Indeed, Ruan Feifei had her own life, but Chen Liguo? Was willing to be thoroughly and completely destroyed?!

Qin Buyue said, "You have nothing to say to me?"

Chen Liguo sighed in his heart and said, "No."

As a result, Qin Buyue became even angrier. Suddenly there was a kind of malice that was hard to suppress in his heart——If Ruan Feifei learned what Chen Liguo had paid for her, would this matter become even more fun?

Qin Buyue had always been a headstrong person. If he thought of something, he would immediately do it.

And so Ruan Feifei who had been working at the Institute of Science and Technology received an anonymous message with the following words 'Do you not want to know what he exchanged for your present?"

Ruan Feifei's heart fell into a state of turmoil, the commutator in her hand almost fell to the ground. She responded: 'Who are you, what do you mean?'

Qin Buyue continued to message: 'Do you want to know?'

Ruan Feifei already had a vague premonition in her heart which made her feel as if her heart had been pulled up, she said: 'Yes'

Qin Buyue responded: 'He is now an Omega'

Ruan Feifei saw that familiar word and her entire body became rigid. She wanted to cry, but she felt unable to cry. Lu Yunqi's forever indifferent face emerged in her mind.

Ruan Feifei sent: 'You're lying'

Qin Buyue saw these two words and couldn't help but laugh lowly, responding, 'What do I gain from lying to you?'

When Ruan Feifei became an Alpha she no longer cried, but she couldn't restrain the deep despair in her heard and sobbed aloud.

She didn't know what turning from an Alpha to an Omega felt like. She only knew that if she were to change to an Omega from her current state, she wouldn't be able to stand it.

Then what did Yu Yunqi bear for her? Ruan Feifei thought about many things. The thought of her inexplicable encounter and the time they spent together. Thought of how Lu Yunqi rescued her from another Alpha and thought of how Lu Yunqi had asked her if she wanted to become an Alpha.

Of course, what doesn't cost anything in this world? Why did she not think of that earlier?

Ruan Feifei choked on a sob, unable to keep her tears from trickling down.

Chen Liguo who sat at the table looked at Qin Buyue, who had originally been angry, laugh again.

Chen Liguo looked at Qin Buyue’s smile and unexplainably felt a chill go down his spine. He said, “System, why do I feel that his smile is very frightening?”

The system was indifferent, "How would I know?"

Chen Liguo's heart felt a slight horror and thought on a single line: Having lit the cannon, even if I have to kneel down and beg I have to finish it to the end.

The more Qin Buyue thought the happier he became, his previous bad mood became good again. He propped up his chin with his hand and looked at Chen Liguo, captivated. He said, "Yunqi."

Chen Liguo's heart trembled at his call, "Hrm?"

Qin Buyue said, "Nothing, I'm just calling you."

Could Chen Liguo believe that Qin Buyue was just calling out his name?! He could see from Qin Buyue's weird expression that this matter absolutely couldn't be finished with his baffling call.

But Qin Buyue didn't want to say it so Chen Liguo could not force him either. Even though he was entangled, he did not ask any more questions.

But what Qin Buyue had done, Chen Liguo quickly got an answer.

In the evening, Chen Liguo's communicator rang, displaying an unknown number.

Qin Buyue was sitting by Chen Liguo's side, watching TV with Chen Liguo. When he heard the communicator ring, he said, "Pick up, why aren't you picking up?"

Chen Liguo hesitated slightly but still pressed the answer b.u.t.ton in the end.

"h.e.l.lo." The voice on the other end was somewhat unfamiliar, but Chen Liguo recognized the owner of the voice immediately. He said, "Ruan Feifei?"

Ruan Feifei said, "Major General Lu."

Chen Liguo sighed, "Don't call me Major General, it's fine to call me Lu Yunqi."

There was a moment of silence from the other side of the communicator and a moment later, Ruan Feifei said, "Are you well?"

Chen Liguo said, "Pretty well."

Ruan Feifei didn't speak.

Chen Liguo said, "What about you? How are you?"

Ruan Feifei whispered, "I'm doing very well……"

Chen Liguo said, "Mmm, that's good."

After the two finished saying these conventional greetings, they didn't know what to say. At first, Chen Liguo had some doubts about why Ruan Feifei would call him so suddenly, but he remembered Qin Buyue's weird smile at the table when eating and immediately noticed something.

Sure enough, Ruan Feifei's sullen voice carried over as she said, "Why did you lie to me?"

Chen Liguo said, "Don't think too much, I am willing."

"Is it worth it?" Ruan Feifei said, "To do this for a stranger, is it worth it?

Chen Liguo said, "You're not a stranger."

Qin Buyue listened quietly as the two talked. When he heard Chen Liguo say that he and Ruan Feifei were not strangers, a vicious expression appeared on his face.

As a result, before Chen Liguo could respond, his communicator was s.n.a.t.c.hed by Qin Buyue.

Qin Buyue said, "Ruan Feifei."

Ruan Feifei heard Qin Buyue's voice and was stunned for a moment before she sneered," Qin Buyue."

Qin Buyue said, "Long time no see."

Ruan Feifei said coldly, "It was you who sent me the message right? What do you want? Don't lay your hands on Lu Yunqi. I won't be an Alpha anymore."

Qin Buyue lazily said, "This, it's saying you do and do, then saying you won't do and won't?" After he said this he opened his mouth and directly bit Chen Liguo heavily on the neck.

Chen Liguo did not notice for a short while and then let out a smothered groan.

Ruan Feifei evidently heard it from the other end and said in a hurry, "What are you doing to him?!"

Qin Buyue said coldly, "Whatever I do is none of your business."

This bite hurt Chen Liguo extremely and he whispered, "Enough."

Qin Buyue sneered, "Enough? How could this be enough? Let me tell you, Lu Yunqi, don't ever think about being with Ruan Feifei in this life. You are mine, forever mine." He didn't hang up the communicator, evidently deliberately letting Ruan Feifei listening to his words.

"Qin Buyue." Chen Liguo seemed to be enduring patiently, but also angry. He said, "Stop before you go too far."

QIn Buyue paid him no heed and directly kissed Chen Liguo's lips. Chen Liguo struggled constantly and after he finally broke free, he heard Ruan Feifei gnashing her teeth in anger, "Qin Buyue——I will kill you!"

Chen Liguo said, "Turn off the communicator!"

How could Qin Buyue listen? He was still provoking Ruan Feifei, saying, "Kill me? Come, many people want to kill me, let me see if you can succeed."

"Enough!" Chen Liguo couldn't stand it anymore. He s.n.a.t.c.hed the communicator and turned it off.

Qin Buyue's expression was indifferent. He said, "What? Angry?"

"Why did you let her know?" Chen Liguo said, "I already promised you, what else you do want?"

Qin Buyue thought coldly, 'What else? I just want you to look at me alone——I don't need anybody else!'

Chen Liguo got up to leave, but Qin Buyue grabbed him and pushed him back on the sofa.

Chen Liguo: "What do you want to do!"

Qin Buyue said, "Do you!"

Chen Liguo: "….." He truly liked these sorts of people who climbed onto the sheets without a single word.

And then the two men did it to their heart’s content.

Chen Liguo didn't know what sort of drug Qin Buyue had given him either. But either way, once that drug was used, his mental state and physical state both improved, but he didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Qin Buyue had been angered to the extreme by Ruan Feifei and Chen Liguo this time and didn't stay his and directly did him invigoratingly.

After performing unspeakable activities, Chen Liguo felt that both his soul and body achieved a harmonious unity.

However, unlike Chen Liguo, Ruan Feifei was extremely sad. Now knowing what Chen Liguo had paid for her to become an Alpha, she felt like she was on the verge of collapsing.

In Ruan Feifei's eyes, Omega are weak. Although they wish to become strong, they can't do what Alphas can do easily because of their physical structure.

No matter how many inhibitors they use, as long as their estrus came, they would become slaves to their desires.

The moment Ruan Feifei thought of how the proud Lu Yunqi would undergo these things she couldn't help but wish she could grind Qin Buyue into dust. If she had known the truth at the start then she would have not wished to become an Alpha.

But it’s already too late now. Ruan Feifei raised her hand and looks at her communicator which displayed 10:39. It was twenty minutes before the time on her plane ticket.

'Yunqi, wait for me to time back,' thought Ruan Feifei, 'I will definitely protect you.'

Chen Liguo heard a knock on the door and opened his eyes confusedly. He saw Qin Buyue getting ready to get out of bed to open the door.

Qin Buyue saw that Chen Liguo had also woken up and kissed him, saying, "Continue to sleep, I'll go open the door."

Chen Liguo closed his eyes again.

As a result, as soon as his eyes closed, he heard a loud noise coming from the living room. It sounded like someone was fighting.

Chen Liguo woke up in an instant. He was not worried about Qin Buyue, but about his furniture. With only enough time to throw on some trousers and Chen Liguo practically rolled to the living room.

Sure though, there was a fight. The two fighting alphas were enough to make Chen Liguo's living room a mess. Chen Liguo looked at his already broken table, the messy carpet and sofa, and the TV that had fallen from the wall to the floor. His entire person flared up, "Stop at this instant!!"

Ruan Feifei was slightly worse than QIn Buyue and at this time was being beaten by Qin Buyue. But she didn't have any intention of stopping, she grit her teeth and beckoned him over fiercely.

"Stop it now!!!" Chen Liguo roared, "Get out if you fight again! Qin Buyue!!! Ruan Feifei!!!"

The two were stunned by Chen Liguo's roar, their movements slowing.

Chen Liguo saw that the two of them had no intention of stopping. He opened the door and said, "Right now, immediately, get out!!!"

With this shout, the two completely stayed their hands.

Qin Buyue felt wronged and said, "Yunqi, it was her who started it."

Ruan Feifei wished she could rush over and bite Qin Buyue. She ground her teeth and said, "You d.a.m.ned pervert."

Qin Buyue sneered, "Say that again?"

Ruan Feifei wanted to repeat it again, but under Chen Liguo's meaningful glare she swallowed her words and said, "Yunqi, don't be afraid, with me here he won't dare to bully you."

Chen Liguo looked at his mess of a room, his head struck with a serious headache. He said, "You two——"

Ruan Feifei said, "Yunqi, don't worry about me, he can't hurt me."

Qin Buyue snorted.

Chen Liguo thought to himself, 'I wasn't worried about the two of you, I was worried that my house would be demolished by you'. He took a deep breath and eased the anger in his chest and said slowly, "Why have you come back?"

Ruan Feifei had been fighting with Qin Buyue before and didn't have the time to look at Chen Liguo. When she looked carefully at this time she found that Chen Liguo had ambiguous marks all over his body and neck, there were even distinct teeth marks on his neck. She was not a child anymore, how could she not know what this meant? She ground her teeth, "Yunqi, what did this animal to do you!"

Qin Buyue walked up to Chen Liguo and put his arms around Chen Liguo's waist. He sneered, "Everything that should be done has been done, what can you do to me?"

Ruan Feifei glared at Qin Buyue, her eyes showing that she could wait to skin him.

It needs to be said that after becoming an Alpha, Ruan Feifei changed a lot. The most obvious thing was the imposing manner that she never had before——she had changed from the prey to the hunter.

Chen Liguo sighed lowly, "Stop making trouble….. I really am fine."

How could Ruan Feifei believe this? She said, "Is he threatening you? Yunqi, just say the world, I won't let him touch a single hair on your head."

Qin Buyue taunted and jeered, "Just rely on you? Hehe, Ruan Feifei, do you believe that just as I am able to turn you into this, I am able to turn you back."

Chen Liguo saw that these two still wanted to continue to squabble. He nursed his headache and said, "You two clean the living room, I still want to sleep for a while."

Ruan Feifei opened her mouth to speak.

But Chen Liguo said, "Whatever you want to say, say it after I wake up." They hadn't finished until it was almost five so his head felt like dumpling paste at this moment.

Qin Buyue cuddled Chen Liguo and said, "Yunqi, I'll accompany you to sleep."

Chen Liguo unfolded his arms and pointed to the living room, saying, "Whoever fought must clean up. I better see a clean living room by the time I wake up."

The Qin Buyue who had his arms removed had a chagrined expression.

Chen Liguo went to the bedroom and did not forget to tell them at the very end, "You can quarrel. If you fight again, then you all better scram for me." As he said these words, his face was black to the extreme and neither Ruan Feifei nor Qin Buyue dared to speak for a while.

Chen Liguo slammed the door with a 'bang' and began to sleep.

This sleep lasted all the way to the afternoon.

When Chen Liguo woke up again, he mulled over what had happened in bed for a while before he said, “Tongtong, did I yell at them this morning?”

System: "So you still remember."

Chen Liguo: "……What to do, I'm a little scared."

System: "Death is nothing to worry about."

Chen Liguo: "……"

System: "You can still choose to die."

Chen Liguo thought that Ruan Feifei’s completion bar was the last bit. How could he be willing to die? He lay in bed for a while before he finally realized that he could not escape, so reluctantly he got up.

As soon as he opened the bedroom door, Chen Liguo saw his completely new living room. The two people who had been fighting with a 'you die, I live' attitude ware sitting on the sofa with expressions of 'sitting with a dog on a sofa, I really am degrading myself'.

Seeing that Chen Liguo has woken up, Ruan Feifei hurried forward, saying, "Yunqi, you've woken up."

Chen Liguo: "……Mhmm."

Qin Buyue said, "I made you something to eat, Yunqi, go eat first?"

Ruan Feifei said, "You should first take a bath, I prepared hot water for you."

Qin Buyue said, "When the food cools down it won't taste good anymore."

Ruan Feifei said, "After bathing your appetite would be better……"

Chen Liguo: "……" Mommy, I'm scared.

The two before him mutually glared at each other.

Chen Liguo was panic-stricken. In the end, he thought about it and said, "I have something to do and need to go out."

"I'll go with you." The two spoke at the same time.

Chen Liguo: "No, I'll want to go myself."

Ruan Feifei & Qin Buyue: Unhappy.

Chen Liguo said, "You two….."

Ruan Feifei said, "I'll wait for you at home."

Qin Buyue sneered, "I'll wait for you in bed."

Ruan Feifei: "……" F*ck!

Chen Liguo: "……Okay, whatever you guys want." As long as you don't fight, it's all good.

And so Chen Liguo went out. In truth, he had nothing to do outside, he just didn't want to be at home, that's all.

After going out Chen Liguo was a little panicked. He said to the system, "What should I do if Ruan Feifei likes me?"

The system sneered, "Marry her."

Chen Liguo: "…..You don't love me the least bit."

System: "So many people love you, how could I manage to s.n.a.t.c.h you over."

Chen Liguo: "You're actually even mocking me!"

System: "Hehe, if you don't accept it then bite me."

Chen Liguo: "……Return the cute Tongtong back to me!"

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